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Flexible Classes

We know you are super busy. That's why we made our classes flexible.

Flexible Classes

Check out our classes that we offer to see if it fits your schedule!

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Awesome Instructors

Our instructors make it easy for you to learn and feel welcome.

Awesome Instructors

Our world class instructors will teach you everything you will need to know to succeed.

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Private Lessons

If you need more than in your training. We offer Private Lessons.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are for those who need extra, or need some personal one on one time.

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It’s All AboutFeeling Better

  • Lose Weight

    Not only does it put you in better shape, but it also increases flexibility and overall strength.

  • Improves Brain Function

    The mind develops much needed discipline and endless patience.

  • Stress Relief

    You will release much frustration and energy, and ultimately feel much better

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ScheduleTriumph Classes

5:15 AM – 6:15 AM Adult BJJ GI
10 AM – 11:30 AM Adult BJJ
5:00 PM – 6 PM PM Kids BJJ (All Ages)
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Adult BJJ White Belt Fundamentals Class
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM Adult BJJ Advanced Class

Our MembersLove Our Programs

This gym is fantastic! Offering high-level BJJ instruction, the classes are accessible to anyone interested in jiu jitsu, regardless of athleticism or skill level. Their kids’ program is top-notch as well. I am a member of another GFTeam affiliate in the area, but I cannot recommend this academy highly enough!Tim Followell
Tim Followell Triumph BJJ Review

We love the coaches here. My children are in the kids’ classes and I’ve taken the adult classes. Every experience has been very professional, very educational, and a great workout every time. I especially love the self discipline the kids are learning!Angela Lietzau-Lao

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are far reaching and will touch every aspect of your life. It strengthens the mind and body, supports your fighting spirit, and helps you achieve your personal goals.